The next 2 week Wednesday .. Japan I’m coming

After a couple week hard work, including hunting on budget ticket,  research on the web, try to mix and match Map, road and lodge (1,2,3). Finally we finished the Japan Trip Itinerary.


It would be our 4th honeymoon trip, since we start on 2010. Theme of this trip is autumn. We like to experience momiji/koyo moment. We found a nice quote that quite interesting, said ‘Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower’. I guess that it would more beautiful than spring session.

First we will come to Nikko

map Nikko


Then we will back to Tokyo to visit




Sensoji Temple

shinjuku gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen

Next day we go to Kawaguchiko to see Mt. Fuji, to have the beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji from lake Kawaguchi.


During november there is an autumn leaves festival, that should not to be missed.

Next day we plan to visit Tateyama Alpen Route, that have the highest hotel in Japan.



In the last two days, we will spent on Uji and Kyoto. Why we come to Uji, because base on Paul blog, Uji is the most romantic place on Japan 🙂


Last but not least we will explore the beauty of the old Kyoto.




Yippie, i can’t wait for that day, Japan i’m comming.



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