Change the route – 5 more days

On the initial itinerary, my plan is :



one of the main autumn scenery would be at Tateyama Alpen route.  But last week .. just got news from Japanican that said

We got a phone call from the hotel that Murodo area will be snowed and the road condition will be covered with snow soon.
So the hotel said that it is not easy to reach the hotel for those who are not familiar with snow.
They are worried about you and if you like to change your hotel,they are ok with your decision.

After some confirmation, then they replied

They said that they would recommend staying to professional climber who used to climb show-covered mountain for safety reason.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you can find another accommodation.

So i have to change plan. First i try to route to Kamakura and spend additional day at Kyoto. But after further blogwalking and googling, the passion of Alpen route still impressive. That’s why finally i just make small change in the route. Instead of going straight to Toyama, we’ll back to Shinano-omachi and then to Matsumoto. From Matsumoto we’ll take a night bus to Kyoto. With this route, surprisingly it save some budget.

Here is my final travel route, Bismillah i hope it goes well 🙂



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